Sunday, 11 August 2013

Top 5 Useful Mobile Web Browser

Smartphones have taken over the market and today everyone is going the mobile way! While browsing on the mobile phones have increased manifold, many mobile web browser are also hitting the market. For the users, it becomes essential to know which are the most user mobile web browsers currently available in the market.

  1. Opera Mobile: Opera Mobile is modern and has several features such as it opens several tabs at the same time, zoom capabilities etc. It runs on the OS Windows Mobile and Symbian.

  2. Safari: The touch-faced interface at Safari is exceptionally good while the zoom features are praiseworthy. As one of the most downloaded mobile web browser available, it is also one of the primary browsers for Apple iOS.

  3. Firefox Mobile: If you have used Firefox on the desktop, its mobile version will be a treat for you. Some of the features include Awesomebar, PC-syncing and add-on support.

  4. Skyfire: Skyfire runs on OS Android, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile and can be freely downloaded. Its key features include display of rich websites with Flash or widgets like YouTube, customizable zoom feature etc.

  5. Bolt: If there are websites which are rich on Java Me applications, Bolt is the web browser to be used. It can be freely downloaded. It uses a WebKit that provides full layout similar to ones found in desktop versions. 

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