Wednesday, 4 September 2013

5 Tips To Stop Malware Attack On Your Android Phone

Android is one of the leading names in the smart phone world today. Along with competitor Apple, Android commands respect from the global market because of its innovative, out-of-the-block and very advanced technological features. Android is especially known as one of the innovators who have spearheaded the smart phone market bringing in revolutionary changes and technologies. From the times of Android Cupcake to the yet-to-be-launched Android Kitkat, this mobile operating system giant has re-invented itself every single time. 

Millions have boarded the Android bandwagon and in this includes the not-so-pleasant and welcome hackers and malware professionals. These professionals work as parasites as they slowly hack the security of the advanced smart phones and create destruction. From injecting malwares to accessing highly sensitive database, the hackers are capable of doing it all. A malware is malicious programmed software that is built to interrupt a system's operation.
For Android users it is essential that they know more about malware attacks and learn to protect themselves from these hackers and programmers. Thankfully there are simple steps that one can follow to stop malware attacks on Android phones. Just keep in mind the following simple steps and you will stay protected.

1. Never download apps from unauthorized or illegitimate apps stores.
2. Protect your phone with Passwords
3. Immediately install all the OS once they are made available.
4. Don’t view or share sensitive personal information in the public Wi-Fi.
5. Always Use the best anti virus app for your phone.
6. Read and understand terms & conditions before downloading any new app.
7. Make sure you download apps that are scanned through Bouncer

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