Friday, 26 July 2013

Smarter Welcome screen through WordPress Plug-in

Welcome screen provides the first impression on the overall credibility and usability of any websites or blogs, at once. The neat welcome page of WordPress clearly depicts all the features that are updated or newly created. The subtle visuals and nicely highlighted features directly help the users to analyze different features from its older versions and, can easily deduce its usage while maintaining the blogs or websites.
However, the users can work on a similar welcome screen for their blogs by utilizing the essential plug-in. Plug-ins basically enhance the specific features to the existing software application of the blogs. First introduce the “What new” section and later “credit” section, so that visitors directly know about the updates. Further, implementing the various plug-ins of WordPress enhances the welcome screen as per the requirements. Let’s say, the users wish to keep their visitors updated with the upcoming events, offers, or any kind of messages, this is where the WordPress enhancements come handy. Similarly, splash Image plug-ins captivate the visitors with informative images, and videos while opening a blog. If the users wish to add a welcome message on the dash board widget, or remove any existing dashboard widget, WordPress Dash message plug-in, perform the task most efficiently.
The developer can use various plug-ins provided by WordPress to enhance their welcome screen as per their blogs or websites requirements and make their blog look most engaging.

Welcome to WordPress 3.3

Welcome to bbPress 2.2.3

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