Thursday, 20 December 2012

9 Free iPhone Lifestyle Apps to Make Your Life Easy

Glossy and shiny phones with an amazing design and gadgetry can attract a person at first glance but without any useful app to support, such phones are only empty shells. Apps are the brain of any Smartphone and without these apps smart phones can never be smart enough.

Earlier having an iPhone was considered as a style statement because of its appearance and style appeal. But with the rapid advancement in iOS and increasing number of useful apps in this operating system, iPhones and iPad now stand at par with laptops and computers.

Life is so hectic nowadays that we definitely require help in order to cut down the pressure. iPhone is available with plenty of apps that can assist us with our daily tasks. So why not take advantage of this stunning platform for our day to day task. So check out these stunning apps that can make your life easier:


1. i-Ruler

2. Flashlight

3. Bump

4. Free Wi-Fi Finder

5. Lose It!

6. Cloth

7. Itranslate

8. White Noise Lite

9. Find My Car

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